Maker, Coder, Nuclear Mechanical Tech & Calibration Tech.


What you can expect to find on this page


My projects include various electronic hardware, mechanical systems and/ or contraptions and various works of art.


This includes software that I contributed heavily too or was the sole author of. This includes Qt projects and embedded apps for the RVASec badge.

Notes and Blog

An inconsistent collection of my thoughts. Includes page updates, reviews of various software and other random information.

Scripts and Code

These are random Java Script applications that I wrote while learning how to use HTML canvases.

Learning is a never ending process!

Though much of my personal education is non-tradition, I have made it a point to continually pursue the goal of greater knowledge, skill and experience. This page contains the results of some of those endevours. One thing is certain the more I learn the more I know I don't know. I am currently a student at VCU, but continue to employ non-traditional methods to enhance my knowledge. These methods include making, hacking and traveling.